Google self driving car project CTO announced fourth generation Microsoft ice

Google self-driving car project CTO left at odds with the PEC

According to foreign media reports, Google’s self-driving car project kelisi·emusen, Chief Technology Officer (Chris Urmson) from Google’s departure on Friday. Google’s self-driving car project from the development stage into product manufacturing stages.

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have been urmson said in a blog post on Friday, “I am ready to meet new challenges. ”

Urmson from the beginning of 2009, Google launched unmanned vehicle project joined Google. Under his leadership, Google’s driverless car fleet has accumulated for over 1.8 million miles (about 2.9 million-kilometer). Urmson’s departure comes as automakers began to emphasize technology and launched without human pilots when the driverless car.

Urmson will be the New York Times has previously reported news from Google’s departure. According to the report, urmson recently on the direction of Google’s self-driving car project is upset, and with Google co-founder Larry page (Larry Page) had an argument. Just Cavalli iPhone 6 cases

Fourth-generation Microsoft ice came out, the embodiment of adult female

Yesterday Microsoft officially launched the fourth generation of artificial intelligence Assistant Microsoft ice. New little ice as the 18 year old adult female, new features include real-time emotional decision dialog engine, when all their senses and recognition in the Japanese and English languages, and widget platforms in different areas.

Upgraded fourth-generation small ice will upgrade the framework of affective computing, perception, understanding, expressed three new features make little ice with real-time decision making. In long-range interpersonal dialogue, little ice can be dynamic based on semantic and emotional judgment, decision-making, chatting in a dialog strategy, policy success rate as high as 72.2%. In addition, and like humans, small ice can also use different words to express the tone.

At the press conference, Microsoft showed off a Twitter user and small ice dialogue to illustrate new features. A new generation of small ice and the microblog users was 31 points in the dialogue through the continuous monitoring of user human emotions, context, success will be an emotionally negative user into a positive State of mind.

Google to create open source YOLO project, then you will stay away from passwords

United States Eastern time on August 4, Dashlane announced the cooperation with Google, joint development of an API called OpenYOLO open source project, YOLO is “you just have to login at a time” (You Only Login Once) abbreviation. This project allows developers to access stored passwords in the password manager so that users can log on Android devices more easily and safely.

Specifically, the end user experience: for example, when you log on when app, you need to enter a password, then if you install password management App1, then you’re going to micro-letter password obtained by App1, but App1 App1 requires you to input authentication code (and a password).

But if you have OpenYOLO, you can with the help of the open source API, do not manually enter App1 requirements of authentication codes directly from seek App1, App2 authentication code (provided that you saved in the App2, App1 code). Just to save on the overall steps to manually enter a password, to a large number of password manager is a unified specification.

Layout of artificial intelligence: Apple’s 200 million acquisition of machine learning company Turi Just Cavalli iPhone 6 cases

Turi was quoted GeekWire Apple recently acquired company, after the company named “Dato”, is located in Seattle startups engaged in machine learning and artificial intelligence, it is understood that Apple bought the company for $ 200 million. Turi through artificial intelligence to help developers create applications that the company has successfully developed the Turi machine learning platform, and Turi GraphLab Create Predictive Services, being used in featured, fraud detection, sentiment analysis and other aspects.

GeekWire quoted reports according to the person familiar with the acquisition of insider Turi’s existing staff will continue to be in the Seattle area, this time to buy Apple official said: “Apple always has the habit of buying small tech companies, we do not normally publicly discuss acquisition and planning. ”

“Title of the party” too many: Facebook hit the message flow cheat click behavior


Beijing time on August 5 morning news, Facebook announced on Thursday that the next few weeks, Facebook message flow cheat click “title of the party” will be reduced. Currently, Facebook hopes to become the main news and social content platform.

Facebook Vice President of product management yadang·mosaili the message flow (Adam Mosseri) that Facebook now receives thousands of times a day on the “headline” cheat click complaints. These titles were either deliberately hide information or mislead users.

In order to combat it, Facebook has developed a system, identification and classification of such title, then identify which pages or domain names “headline” up, and cut its sorted in the message flow.

Facebook regularly updated news stream algorithms to show users the content they are most interested in, and encourage users to spend more time on the Facebook platform.

Jaunt VR push new content platform saves the user the tedious transcoding


VR Jaunt in the company on Tuesday announced that Jaunt Publishing program was officially launched. The platform allows professional VR content directly on the Jaunt on the VR application developers upload, publish their quality VR content.

Jaunt have insisted since the founding of the company in their own platforms and partners publish the highest quality, original VR content. With Jaunt Publishing programme launched, users can freely upload their works on the Janut platform. If users work through internal trial Jaunt, his Jaunt–cloud services will be available with YouTube and Facebook users who upload experience should be no stranger to transcoding — his works to play VR format. The Jaunt of cloud services company publicity objects, through the “clouds decoded” tools to avoid the cumbersome process of user’s own files one by one.

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Originally published at on August 6, 2016.