His posthumous iBoat exposure ship science fiction devices

Recently Spain El Pais exposure to Apple founder Steve Jobs’s last invention. The invention patent application was submitted in March 2013, when the patent is the name “wireless mobile remote monitoring equipment”, has now designed to control and monitor ships wireless mobile devices running iBoat has received United States Patent and Trademark Office certification. Simply put, this is a used to ship the iPad. Cath Kidston note 3 cases

It was reported that iBoat is a mobile electronic device similar to the Smartphone through its touch screen operation can command and control ship of the operation. It is special, because of its very different at sea and land environments. IBoat is equipped with multiple sensors can collect environmental information such as depth of water and direction and speed, as well as real-time monitoring information about the ship, once a fault is found, it will abort the remote control. In addition, iBoat can also be based on the position of the Sun on the deck to remote control the rudder.

Therefore, iBoat technical nature is through the electronic control system of ship-a adapter interface for wireless communication. According to Steve’s vision, users in the future as long as a finger through advanced automation of navigation equipment iBoat intelligent systems control every room on a yacht or even control the yacht’s rudder.

Reports said it is not clear whether Apple’s current head cook iBoat commercialization will be included in the plan. But, want to experience the device such as Apple fans, as long as you have a luxury cruise liner. Cath Kidston Note 3 Case

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Originally published at macbookbag.wordpress.com on August 22, 2016.

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