Japan wants to develop carbon dioxide seals in underground technology

March 24 Weifeng network, since the beginning of this year, there is a problem in the constant was mentioned. Is the subject of table of temperature this year will burst. While it’s still spring, but also you can faintly feel the hot breath of a silk. Who knows by July or August, when summer comes hot what. This, of course, everything has to be “attributed” to the greenhouse effect. Givenchy iPhone 6 cover

Causes of the greenhouse effect, natural without carbon dioxide emissions. Although this gas cannot in itself be regarded as a pollutant, but there are a lot of it will still cause heat accumulation, thereby indirectly affect. At the end of 2015, adopted by the World Conference on climate “Paris Accords” paper during the latter half of the century to achieve greenhouse gas emission and absorption equilibrium. Around the world in addition to carbon dioxide emission cuts, CCS captures similar measures need to be taken.

Now, according to Japan media reports, Japan international oil development, petroleum resource development, construction, applied geology and other companies and institutions plan to start power stations and factory sealed underground capture and storage of carbon dioxide (CCS) technology joint research. In strata exploration and mining technology with the advantages of Japan enterprises and research institutes will cooperate before 2020 to acquire CCS safety management skills. Strive to achieving 1 million tonnes of carbon dioxide a year before and after 2030 the practicality of large-scale CCS.

Although this seems to have a lot of 1 million tons, it is worth mentioning, however, is the world but more than 13 billion tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year. Obviously, in front of emissions is not enough. But even so, if you can stick to and efforts go on, can still have some positive impact.

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