To the VR world Vuze 4K camcorder 360 degrees to start

With the emergence of VR technology, traditional areas of photography was put forward new requirements. Light is focused on a point or a plane shooting enough, people need 360 ° Omni-directional shoot now, so that it can meet people wearing VR glasses around to see action. Is derived from the demand, 360 ° cameras are gradually attracting people’s attention.

Has been on display at the CES 2016 Vuze claims to be “the world’s first 360 ° 4K 3D camera.” Of course, CES does not lack “the first paragraph”. Therefore, we also need to try to judge whether it is real easy to use product, or gimmicks more.

Solid design

Although the novel appearance, but Vuze as portable as most people think. You can and it comes with VR glasses than one, you will find that the size is small. However, if you have a backpack, then carry it is not so difficult. Its sleek exterior and bright plastic casing is very likable, and picked up the heavy hand will bring strange sense of satisfaction. In General, Vuze does not very cheap–it really is not cheap price of over $ 1000.

You can see simple control buttons at the top of the fuselage, below is used for stable tripod.

However, Vuze real ability is that it is equipped with 8 shots, filmed enough 360 ° picture. Each camera can take 4K video, meaning you can use it to view of ultra high definition VR images.

Practical experience Moschino Galaxy Note 3 case

Vuze sets not only cameras, and a VR glasses. To use VR glasses you need into the Smartphone, but it is compatible with most devices. Of course, you can also use other VR glasses to watch Vuze videos taken.

When the video finished, you first need to use the developer’s software to deal with it. Then, you just need to be mobile ready, load video, then look around and enjoy it. Moschino Samsung Galaxy Note 3 case

Vendor Demo at least, Vuze, the effect is good. However, 4K did not bring the hoped-for resolution of viewing, pixel obvious eyesore. Of course, this relationship and the resolution of the phone itself is not.

3D effect feels good, play very smoothly, there is no clear picture of Cottonwood or tearing.

When it comes to Vuze’s VR glasses, its quality is not as good as Samsung Gear VR or Oculus Rift. However, if you don’t plan to buy a separate VR glasses for the time being, it is enough.

General comments

$ 1000 price is really expensive, but if you really have to shoot 360 ° video needs, I believe that price is not a problem.

Judging from overhand, Vuze camera can be a powerful tool to help amateur film-maker into the world of 3D video. If it succeeds to impress consumers, the future we will be able to see more creative using Vuze to shoot video.

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Originally published at on January 10, 2016.