US military fears will fail in the AI war

According to foreign media reports, the United States Department of Defense recently released a new report says United States needs to “take immediate action to” accelerate the development of AI war technology, AI, and automation technology, United States academic and personal research has gone far beyond United States military. Reports that AI war is inevitable in the future, it recommended that the Pentagon to strengthen development, otherwise it will be overtaken by potential enemies. Ted Baker Galaxy S4 Case

The United States Department of Defense to artificial intelligence and automated machinery systems as a defense strategy. American troops on the battlefield had begun the use of drones and other remote control operating systems, but they need the whole machine by remote control. Latest report, human and automated machinery together, will have an advantage over traditional remote control. For example, a large group of “automatic flight the drone” in the combat zone, jam enemy communications and real-time monitoring of the combat area, and according to automatically launch an attack on the enemy.

We cannot determine the United States Pentagon officials whether to adopt the recommendations, however, United States military reason for its importance. Report warned that United States opponents in the fatal automation hardware has “more lenient” policies, such as “killer robot”, United States although not as rivals, but still need the technology to fight the deadly AI systems. Ted Baker Galaxy S4 Case

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Originally published at on August 29, 2016.

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