USB3 0 hub can be used as cooling pad

USB3.0 in increased bandwidth and processing speed at the same time, increased hardware output power, provide more efficient and better support for USB charging and peripheral operation. So on the USB3.0 connection peripheral devices, we want to be able to more fully take advantage of USB3.0 performance, such as this with USB3.0 hub of the cooling pad. This cooling pad has four USB3.0 interface, one linked to the computer equipment, the other three can be used as a USB HUB. Through the “use a, expanding three” approach, this cooling pad can provide cooling function of the premise, more full of computer equipment on the USB3.0 performance. DKNY iPhone 6 Plus Case

So using the device do not need to worry about quantity and performance using the USB3.0 interface.

The surface of the device specification for 330×260 x 42 mm, shell is anodized, workmanship is very fine. There are black, grey, of the two styles to choose from. DKNY iPhone 6 plus

Aluminium alloy was used to design the device itself, and two cooling fans, overall weight is approximately 750 grams, very lightweight. Perfect support for any level of 15-inch notebooks, Tablet PCs and other equipment for the heat sink.

The device supports Windows XP/7/8/VISTA and the MacBook Pro, related device parameters as follows:

Rated voltage: 5V current rating: 0.13 ± 10%A fan speed: 2000–10%RPM cooling capacity: 17.4CFM air flow

Cooling fan using a mute 2x80mm fan (noise level: 21 DB), modular design, you can adjust the location of the cooling fan depending on the equipment, improved thermal performance.

If you are interest in the device, and can be ordered directly at usbbrando.

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Originally published at on July 9, 2016.

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