VR released offline experience of virtual reality platform VRLe

Recently, the largest, most influential entertainment industry event–2015 China (Shanghai) International amusement facilities and equipment Exposition, held in Shanghai in September 2015 21–23. The highlights of this exhibition, is still the most popular virtual reality, and as China is committed to creating the offline experience first platform for virtual reality VR, hundreds of square meters of the main exclusive booth, VRLe cloud platform launched virtual reality for the first time, viewers were crowded on the first day, there is no doubt that as the Asian amusement show most popular booth.

Cool stands to drop bombs

The leuco VR with cool blue, black color, join the virtual world scene elements, so that the whole booth with a sense of science fiction and futuristic. The new virtual reality game, give visitors a feast of strong audition, repeatedly lining up in long queues inside the booth, along with the hottest showgirl and a wealth of interactive games and let stand in front of an audience in an endless stream.

Popular VRLe booth

Launch platform for virtual reality online experience: VRLe

Current domestic VR industry, lack of content and poor hardware, could not increase user stickiness.

Content, and lack of good market environment, the company’s own operating difficulties.

Leuco VR based on China virtual reality industry developments, holding open, for subversive angles, relying on the powerful content creation team and marketing team, build new cloud platform based on virtual reality system VRLe.

VRLe cloud platform

VRLe cloud platform compatible products the major hardware manufacturers, and seamlessly pick up all kinds of virtual reality games, real virtual reality fully integrated control programmes.

VRLe cloud platform powered by KAT treadmill

VRLe cloud platform carrying dynamic simulation of driving seat

VRLe cloud carrying shells motion Chair

Heavy strength, and ecological, virtual reality in one step

According to authoritative reports issued by the Deutsche Bank: in 2020, the virtual reality market will reach us $ 7 billion, proves that virtual reality wireless imagination.

Leuco VR content relies on its strong production team, launched many new virtual reality game. Griffin iPhone 5 Case

In the VRLe cloud platforms, content creation team can take free or paid experience on the way to publish their own original content to our platform, download our powerful VRLe cloud platform to all terminals. Hardware such as the virtual reality helmet, bright feeling robbed, treadmills can also perfectly compatible with our machine on.

Field operations in the VRLe dazzle gun

Live in the VRLe platform experience VR games

Field operation to catch in the VRLe platform system

Field experience in the VRLe cloud platform online games

Frontier cooperation within and outside the United Nations, opening up new era of VR Griffin iPhone 5 Case

VR has just launched a virtual interactive entertainment business project–VR virtual reality experience, marks the virtual reality has settled in China’s entertainment market, contact VR industry experience began in July last year to June this year, millions of an angel round, virtual reality experience store has hundreds of cooperating, leuco VR virtual reality industry with in-depth understanding of China. In this exhibition in also would like to invite to the country’s top hardware and content creation partners, such as the excellent virtual helmet maker deepoon, Kat has a number of independent patent, in the field of motion capture noitom has strong momentum, focus ximmerse VR input devices, and so on.

Support partners

Leuco CEO art officially announced in a new release published VRLe cloud platform

They also brought the most cutting-edge products, market-oriented, while others are also publicly traded, by VRLe cloud platform and partners of mutual benefit and win-win, common virtual reality for China to provide better service, and jointly explore the virtual reality world of the future in the new era.

VRLe cloud platform and the partner company video:


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