It Feels Good to Say No

Many times over I have been apart of a “Yes! We can do that!” where it resulted in a total disaster and unneeded stress. Does that sound familiar?

Years back I was working with a startup that used the answer “That’s our specialty” for everything. When I heard this, it was a “you’ve got to be kidding me” moment. When disaster strikes, we are not typically prepared for the situation. It’s like watching the football get fumbled and everyone is trying to grab it. It gets hit and kicked all over the field and you cannot help to wonder if you feel like the football or wondering how it was fumbled.

In the last month I can think of three times when I said no with full confidence that I was making the right decision. Not only did I, I also found that I gained more respect and received a few more projects in place of what I turned down. We all have talent and strengths which we should focus on. Trying to create new strengths takes practice and the client should not be subject to your learning.

When saying no to a client or prospective business, have an explanation. I am not a web designer, but I have a great source for web design and development. Photography? I can get by but I have a go-to photographer that I know will impress. Not enough time? Be realistic with them. They love honesty just as much as you do.

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