Parenting Advice — What You Need To Understand More Than Just Plan

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Browsing over hordes of parenting materials and guides available can be a confusing task. To top this up, for new parents, it gets complicated to have advice coming in from all possible corners. We believe in doing parenting smartly. Effective parenting is what the current set of parents need. Typical hacks, tips and tricks are common knowledge, in any case.

When we talk to parents from various diasporas, one thing we notice is the huge list of expectations new parents or parents-to-behave from themselves. This is obviously a positive sign. Then again, smart parenting entails you to understand the concept instead of simply starting to practice something.

No blind rules

From our experience, we safely propound that parenting is no game. There cannot be hard rules about the ‘ays and the nays.’ what should you deduce from this? Well, you need to know that your thoughts can never be dumped onto your kid. You have to accept your child as an individual first — from day 1. The initial years of this individual are dependent on you — parents. Overtime, the concept of parenting must be to teach your kid self-dependence. You are a mentor not some teacher teaching by rote. This is a key thought you have to associate with parenting.

How about control?

As a parent, you will have expected that you will remain in the driver’s seat always. Well, the first thing to understand about effective parenting is that the steering wheel remains in your hand — mostly — never always. Drawing the line is important. Somewhere or the other, you have to realize that controlling the right way is more important than unconditional control.

Access over Excess

As a parent, you will to ensure the right balance amid some freeness. Parents will have to offer proper scope to enjoy life while also ensuring some strictness. Nags are not encourage-able but requests are!

As example, consider when your child needs some money for a school event. You have to comfortably give him what he needs — not what he wants. Give him an assurance that needs are worth fulfilments but excess demands are not.

Access to excess — should not be the tip here. Access to what is needful — must be the focus of right parenting.

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Parenting in Navi mumbai