Use the ridicule of people to your advantage and achieve anything you want.

One simple strategy to apply to achieve results that you really want.

You will see posts on social media regarding not telling people about your aims, goals, etc and show them your success. I just saw a post on Facebook “ Never tell anyone your plans. Show your results instead.” Well I don’t agree to this. Doing this will actually hold you back from achieving things.

So do not hesitate from telling people about your plans and goals. This really and truly helps. Speaking from experience! Tell people about your plans. Tell them how you are going to achieve greatness. What this will do is that it will put a pressure on you and this pressure will actually make you work your ass off. Because you’ll be afraid of not only failing in your eyes but also in everyone else’s. So you put in that extra effort because you know when the day comes people will be ready to laugh at you if you don’t achieve it. But if you do, you rise in the eyes of everyone and in yours – and that’s only what matters.

Keeping your plans to yourself might be bad for your dreams because then you can easily give up on your dreams and move on to something else. But when you tell people about anything ( while doing so, tell them only about things you really want), you will not give up easily.

In short, you can use the ridicule of public criticism or whatever you call it, to your advantage :)

Aim high !

All the best !