Letter 31


Dear You,

We took Fort Lane instead of our usual route to the freeway. I was driving and you sat passenger beside me. Gray clouds blanketed the green earth. You pointed it out in the middle of a field, closed off by a barbed wire fence. You said that we should come back sometime and check it out. At first, I didn’t see it, but when I did I understood its significance. I also knew that we couldn’t come back. “We are doing it right now”, I pushed the words out between my grinning teeth as I pulled over. It felt like we hopped out before I put my car in park, but you’re much too safe for that. The fence had been broken, allowing us to enter the private property easily. There it was, one of the most beautiful trees I have ever seen. It was big and glorious and old. Even though it laid dead on it’s side, it was so full of life. It was truly incredible, so I climbed on top of it. You investigated the grain and damage made by bugs. You were worried about getting in trouble for trespassing, I told you I do this all the time, and if for some reason the cops do come, let me do the talkin. You climbed up and kissed me on that big dead thing. It felt like a throne fit for a queen and her king. You waited for me to climb down, hidden in the tall grass all I could see were your smiling eyes. When my feet met the earth, I joined you there in the blades of green. You kissed me, and them cops never came.

Love, Me