Love Letter 2

Dear You,

If we were playing by other people’s rules we would have waited. I guess we were on the same page, just like we have been this entire time. I figured, meeting each other’s kids is a make or break thing, so we might as well find out. What we have going, it is good, it is one the most real things I have ever experienced. This feeling is so thick I can hold it in my hands. It is warm. The laughter of our fleet of children filled up my home, as you kissed me in my kitchen. I sat on the counter with my legs wrapped tightly around you, and I told you that I love you. Before I did, you told me whatever I had to say wouldn’t scare you, I knew it wouldn’t. You didn’t say it back, but I didn’t expect you to. I had to say it, because life is short and for all I know this could all end tomorrow. You told me you feel it too, but saying it is scary. I told you I am intense and deeply loving. You said good, because you need intense love. One day you will say it back, I am in no rush to hear it, because I already feel it. I love you and your children, they are an extension of you. This feeling is so thick we can hold it in our hands, and it spills out and over into everything else, don’t mind the mess.

Love, Me

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