Love Letter 8

Dear You,

I showed up after work, and there you were on their porch, big smiles. I met your brother and mother in the family room. Much talk about girl scout cookies. It was warm in that room. Not because the snow is melting outside, and the days are getting longer, but because I felt comfortable. Your mom braved all four kids, when we ran up the street to get supplies. Watching you navigate through the store, kind of turned me on. As you changed my oil, your mom cooked us all dinner. I colored with our two oldest, left handed patterns of yellow and blue and pink. Our two youngest played pretend. Cats, one kitten, the other a meat eater no doubt, meows and growls. Washed hands, and four small plates. We ate around the same table, and your parents ate from their chairs. I imagine they eat from those every night. We exchanged lists of our top three favorite tv shows. Your mom is funny, I like her. Tell her I am sorry I don’t like Christina Aguilera as a coach, but What a Girl Wants is a good song. Your dad seems sweet, I want to hug him one day, I think he could use a good hug. You two have that in common. I liked seeing where you come from, and I want to go where you’re going.

Love, Me

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