Love Letter 9

Dear You,

Mid week dinner date. We walked the city hand in hand. Tacos were had. Your sweet tooth took us to get gelato. You chose the table with the trinkets under the glass tabletop. All of your favorites, my dad would have chosen as well, that red tractor. We mixed our flavors and you said we make a good team. You made me laugh, a lot, like you always do. Then blood bank came on over the speakers and I started crying. It is so bizarre, happiness, it makes you cry in the silliest of places. You squeezed my hand, and held back your own tears. I love that you understand me. You accept my laughter and tears equally. Later from our separate homes, we confessed that we both think about the future. You imagine a driveway, flowers, a porch, side walk chalk; All of it would be ours. My brother was right, I am so happy, but the flowers have to be petunias.

Love, Me