Are You Stuck?

This May Be The Reason Why?

As a Sports Performance Trainer, I hear it all the time: “I don’t know what it is; I’m just stuck”! If I had a buck for every time I heard stuck I could afford to buy a Crew Cab Dodge Truck…(cheesy rhyme scheme). But in all seriousness, this is a common problem and it is absolutely fixable. But first let’s address the elephant in the room: what does “stuck” mean?

To begin with, an inability to move (if we are thinking in a vehicular sense) is often caused by not preparing or accounting for the obstacles that may lie ahead. We don’t consider the effects of conditions that we may be traveling in. Our failure to make provisions for these things will not only ensure us being stuck should the conditions have their way. NOW having said ALL of that, if we look at our fitness goals, we don’t plan very well and often find ourselves derailed by 3 variables: People, Places & Things.

People who don’t have goals LOVE to drag down the goals of those who do. They love to remove anything that makes them feel convicted about their shortcomings, no matter the circumstances. Because most people’s motives are covert, you don’t really know what’s happening until you are off the rails and completely separated from your original goals.

Places we go are literally like mud on the road to your goals. The funny thing about it is we actually TRY to avoid the mud but will knowingly go to a place that isn’t conducive to our goals. For example: as a married man, there are some places I just don’t go. I don’t go anywhere with single guys, not because I lack self-control but because we can’t converse about the same things and have them make sense to one another. The same with fitness goals; why go to Buffalo Wild Wings while you are attempting to get a hold of your physical goals? It wasn’t on the list of essentials when you first began so why add it during the period of change?

Things are the biggest robber of joy in any growth process. What are “things”? Social Media Pageantry. Everything that encompasses that world; the “Fakery Bakery” & “InstaGratification” is what I like to call it. Whereas social media does serve a definite purpose in keeping us connected to the world that we live in, it also does a number on our psyche due to unfair comparisons to our “friends” in our “network”. If we aren’t strong enough to block out the imagery of successes presented by others, and not compare our “starts” to someone else’s “mid-race stride”, then we have begun to do ourselves more harm than good.

So…are you stuck? Have you chosen to chance the muddy road, or will you make a detour and save yourself the trouble of spinning your wheels?

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