When The Right Thing Goes Wrong

The Day Healthy Wasn’t Good Enough

One of the most startling moments I’ve experienced in my adult life is the day I was told my insides don’t look as good as my outside. What was startling about it was the fact that according to the medical professionals I saw over a 3 day span, there is no real reason for my insides to look the way they do, seeing as how I don’t participate in any at risk behavior. I have a low fat, high protein & moderate carb diet. I drink a gallon and a half of water daily. I even drink 2 gallons of alkaline water a week because it has proven to be healthier. I don’t smoke, I drink once in a blue moon, and drugs haven’t been in my equation for over 10yrs. So to have medical professionals say “none of this makes sense” is just as disconcerting as the diagnosis itself.

Let’s start from the beginning; some months ago, I was shooting around (that’s a basketball term for the unfamiliar) when I quickly became short of breath…I mean really quickly…like 2min man quick, but I attributed it to poor ventilation in an old building and thought nothing of it. I began this ‘Couch To 5k’ running program to lean out for and upcoming show and I was doing pretty good with it, I even felt like I was making cardiovascular progress.

After the show came and went, I stopped cardio altogether. Fast forward to 4weeks ago when I tried CrossFit for the first time, I could not catch a breath to save my life…literally…I almost passed out due to light headedness. I chalked that up to me trying a new brand of fitness for the first time. 2weeks after that, I attempted to go running with my wife…which was nothing short of a failure. I made it .12 miles before dropping to my knees unable to muster a full breath. I toughed it out by fast walking/jogging but still had to stop several times on account of my lungs rejecting my attempt at fitness. My wife and I both knew something was wrong.

I went to get blood work and a chest X-ray hoping to get to the bottom of all this. Chest X-ray revealed a nodule on my right lung; which may have been the culprit for my breathing situation…but still not for certain. The blood work showed that my kidneys are on part time employment, which I kind of knew already but I thought they were getting better…nope! Those guys are so mad at me, they decided to get worse! Here is the kicker: I didn’t have a clue as to why.

So after 2 days in a hospital bed (which sucks…no wonder old folks are so cranky in hospitals!) come to find out I am diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called Sarcoidosis; The growth of tiny collections of inflammatory cells in different parts of the body. I’m this case, my lungs and heart are both being affected by this and thus my workouts and my appetite. Imagine being full steam ahead toward a goal of excelling in your chosen sport and profession and having it all come to a screeching halt!

Now as I sit here and type this I have to admit that a portion of me is saying “why me”. The only answer I can offer is that God chose me to go through this for a specific reason. I won’t question His divine providence to do as He wills with His chosen ones. All I can do is pray that I learn what I am to learn from all of this. I will keep you guys updated!

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