Comics Review: Ms. Marvel (2015) #1

Ms. Marvel (2015) #1 Variant Cover, by Sara Pichelli

Confession time: Ms. Marvel was the first-ever comic series I bought into and read consistently. It was my first true introduction into the wide and weird world of Marvel comics, and I hold Ms. Marvel near and dear to my heart for that reason. I admit I have a strong bias favoring the adventures of Kamala Khan as told by G. Willow Wilson and drawn by Adrian Alphona and Takeshi Miyazawa; Ms. Marvel is an incredibly strong series that I’d recommend to any new comics reader, and with the release of Ms. Marvel (2015) #1 I can happily report that nothing has changed.

Except, of course, everything has changed.

Set eight whole months after the events of The Last Days of Ms. Marvel (Ms. Marvel #19), we start this new run in media res, and Kamala Khan is having a bad day. She’s joined the Avengers and is still learning to juggle her new hero responsibilities with her home and school life. Her mom knows her secret identity, but she still has to be home for curfew (resulting in Tony Stark routinely driving her home… and possibly helping her with her physics homework???). Jersey City is the same as it’s ever been… aside from the fact that there’s a new, mysterious gentrification project taking over whole swaths of the downtown area while using her likeness to promote itself.

Oh, and despite Bruno professing his love for Kamala at the end of the last series, the Big Drama in this first issue seems to be that he’s !!!Dating!!! !!!Someone!!! !!!Else!!! and didn’t tell her. #HighSchoolProblems.

One thing I’ve always loved about Ms. Marvel is how tightly focused and well-balanced the action is. Wilson, Miyazawa and Alphona do a great job of reminding readers that Kamala is still primarily a high school student, and that she’s a rookie hero with no major training (aside from what she’s done at New Attilan). This first issue continues that trend; the biggest things she fights are some hired thugs from the Hope Yards Development/Relocation Association (in the first part of the issue) and a giant frog during Bruno’s flashback (in the second part).

The rest of the book is setting up the new arc. It’s a pretty solid issue, and it’s got me excited about where Ms. Marvel is going. And of course, Miyazawa and Alphona continue to knock it out of the park when it comes the the book’s art. All in all, go pick this up.

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