Preparing for Vegas

Can you actually ever prepare for that place?? You go having these intensions and guess what? You got ta plan another trip because you didn’t do any of those things. I’m telling you now, DO YOUR RESEARCH!

There are so many resources now days for hot spots, cheap spots, etc etc. Has anyone told you that by clearing your cookies and cache helps you get better deals, especially when booking and comparing flights? Has anyone ever told you that just by staying at a hotel just off the strip with no casino saves about 75 dollars a night?? Has anyone ever told you that on the strip there are booths you can buy tickets to any show for dirt cheap? Also buying your bus pass or rail pass ahead of time saves you money? Did you know that instead of paying 35–65 dollars for a cab ride or 12–20 dollars for a shuttle to your hotel from the airport, you can take the bus for 1 dollar?? Did you know all you have to do is a quick google search or ask a local where the best happy hour is and 1 dollar tacos are in your face being chased by 2 dollar tequila shots?

Im just saying, grab a pen and paper and pinterest, youtube, facebook, blog, Google, whatever it is you use and find vegas on a budget. Even if you’re not on a budget it’ll help you find deals to save in places you never thought of so you can extra money for things you don’t wanna hold back on!