So It’s Valentines Day…

You fantasize about a romantic trip you could take and the way you’d surprise them. The things you’d do while there and the things you wouldn’t. What the sunset would look like, the memories you’d make and the pictures that’d remind you.

Then, a few weeks later, it really is real life and it’s Valentines Day AND you still haven’t even picked up flowers or candy. You don’t have dinner plans figured out and you’ll both be home by six o’clock… Turns out, doesn’t matter. You got an email from groupon on an extra 40% off something and boom, now you’re a romantic again. Honestly no one really cares about going to a busy ass restaurant with a bunch of rookies trying to pretend they’re super in love.

For the love of god, please by me some Keebler Elf cookies and my favorite candy Bar MR. GOODBAR and I’ll still love you!!! Don’t get me wrong, if you’re into all that go for it. I on the other hand would prefer you tell me you love me every day.