On what Noah misses: the continuing debate about the electoral college

To focus on (a.k.a. blame) the electoral college is to completely miss the point. This election should have never been close. The most “qualified candidate ever” (not my words) lost to the most unqualified ever. Blaming the electoral college is a detraction from the root cause.

The Democratic Party lost this election because they have stopped listening to the working class people of this country. Most Americans are one missed paycheck or one medical emergency away from being homeless. This is reality. Trump acknowledged this reality and won. Sanders embraced this reality and almost won. Hillary deliberately ignored this reality and lost.

Even now the Democratic Party is not listening. When the working class complains about horrifically low wages, or manufacturing jobs being exported, or health care costs the Democratic response is “everything is great because of Obama so shut up!”. The Democrats no longer have credibility on the real-politik important to the working class. Instead the Democratic strategy is to focus on identity politics instead. Again, this is a failed strategy.

Just recently, in response to the soaring costs of Obamacare, President Obama’s response is simply to deal with the “growing pains”. Think about this. The President is telling the single mom working two jobs that she needs to accept the increases from a President who has a net worth in the millions and whose salary she pays with her tax dollars. All so Obama can protect his legacy.

No, the Democrats are still not listening and will likely lose nationally in 2018 and 2020. The Democratic Party is destroyed nationally. Unless Democrats reject identity politics in favor of real politik, the Democrats will be reduced to the party of municipal elections.

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