A self-righteous open letter to people who write self-righteous open letters to people who write…

A smaller and smaller segment of society is eating up all the wealth and opportunity. That the game is rigged has become patently obvious.

This is the lie that people keep telling themselves in order to facilitate their own demise, paralysis and destruction. People who refuse to accept this lie, transcend the effects of it entirely.

There are so many inspiring individuals in this world that worked and fought and overcame. You can find them if you try. You can be angry and indignant because you are not one of them… but that’s all you get to be.

Instead we focus on children crying loudly, who keep looking for Mommy and Daddy after they are long dead, and keep blaming them for their shitty lives. It’s the blame-game all the way down. Get out while you still can.

If you want to get depressed, then think about the millions of people in the world who really do have problems… those who are starving, being murdered, mutilated and live in societies that resemble a wolf-pack in a cesspool. Have a few shots of Bulleit and ponder how western society can take so much for granted in a world where there is still so much basic human need.

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