I can’t just stand by and watch Mark Zuckerberg destroy the internet.
Quincy Larson

Thank you Quincy. You puts words to my own sentiments about FB… that it’s dangerous and increasingly threatens us all. I don’t believe Zuckerberg has nefariousness -muahaha- intentions relative to humanity’s welfare, but I do believe the incipient forces of misinformation are strengthened on his pervasive platform. After all, FB’s revenue comes from entities that use the platform to manipulate opinion for their own ends. Journalism is not dead yet, but it is on FB. Even if you can find good objective investigative reporting on FB, it is so poisoned by the surrounding noise of plausible deniability and outright counter-factual statements that its value is diminished to practically nothing. News, any news, is severely tainted by the mere fact that it is posted on FB. Facts are not central to FB. Dialog is most valuable when supported by facts. Therefore, valuable dialog that leads to broad agreement and common understanding rarely occurs on FB. Instead, the opposite happens.

But what can Zuck do? As you point out, he’s legally bound to direct his efforts to increasing shareholder value. And it turns out that selling a platform so highly effective for dispensing misinformation is really good for the top line. Please add ‘Financially Divest from FB’ to your list of things one can do to mitigate the threat of FB’s dominance. Help Zuck meet FB’s core value to Build Social Value.