Smazing Boosts Social Fan Engagement at #ProWrestling Event.

2 min readMar 8, 2015

Last Friday night, Smazing Social had an opportunity to be involved in the ultimate experiential event — Pro Wrestling.

When Fans arrived and entered the arena, they couldn’t help but notice the Social Media Wall.

The fan reaction was unanimous. “COOL!” and “That’s Awesome!” was uttered by fans of all ages. Fans young and old were mezmerized by it and many were coming back often to look for the picture and post that they had posted. Before the event, the wrestlers were loving it too and the feedback was awesome.

Smazing strategized with Chaotic Wrestling to deploy a hashtag marketing campaign and a curated Social Media Wall via a Live Digital Display. The display aggregated all mentions of #ChaoticWrestling across Twitter and Instagram. For this project, Smazing Social chose the platform, Zoomph! In addition to providing strategy and deployment, Smazing also provided the onsite promotion of the #ChaoticWrestling hashtag and moderation and curation of the data stream and display.

This was a somewhat new endeavor for Chaotic Wrestling. The local pro wrestling organization based in Massachusetts has been running successful local events for over 15 years. They have an outstanding wrestling product. The in-ring action rivaled much larger promotions and is an alternative to the WWE product. They also have really great video productions, website, and are active on social media. While they had dabbled with including hashtags in some of their posts on social media, this was their first event where they live tweeted the event using the hashtag #ChaoticWrestling consistently AND had the “Call to Action” at the Live Event for Fans to Be Part of the Experience using the hashtag as well and get featured on the Social Media Wall.

Chaotic Wrestling also made use of the curated display by having interviews with Fans and Wrestlers in front of the display.

During intermission, Chaotic also projected the social media wall in the arena on a screen above the wrestler’s entrance.

Fans were engaged throughout the entire event and were posting using the #ChaoticWrestling hashtag before, during, and after the event.


By implementing a strategic hashtag campaign and coupling this with a promoted digital display at the live event, Chaotic Wrestling was able to harness the power of social media and user generated content to Boost Fan Engagement, Enhance the Fan Experience at the Event, and Amplify the #ChaoticWrestling Experience across social media channels.

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