Passive Aggressive

Everyone comes into the world innocent and ignorant to what is in store for them as they grow. Generally you go through your childhood to adulthood trying to make sense of the world you live in, figuring out why you are treated the way you are treated rather it is good or bad, why people do the things they do, or even what is the purpose of your existence. Along the way you pick up on these things in life that make you who you are and what people perceive you to be. You learn from the people you grow up with how to look at the world and with your Grandma growing up in the Civil Rights era and your parents being in the era during the “War on Drugs” you learn about your people’s past and how the “white man” made it harder for black people to make a living in the same country that their ancestors help build. Anger and confusion possibly takes over and the world just does not understand why black people are so angered when all they hear about is the pain caused upon their people.

Too many times in life a passionate black person who wants to make change for their people hears the same things, “Slavery was over a century ago get over it.”, “We didn’t do that to you.”, “ Racism doesn’t even really exist anymore, I mean look who our president is.” The anger and passion is dismissed as irrational and no one tries to truly understand. Some white Americans like to blind the fact that their ancestors and them have caused black Americans so much pain and that the oppression of black Americans has not yet been truly solved.

Although America is not where it was centuries ago, oppression and a different version of slavery still is very prominent. The progress is obvious but the racism and hatred is even more obvious. The passive aggressive racist who will express their hatred on social media but will smile in your face, the mass incarceration of black American, and constant reminder of how less you are compared to white people with slave movies coming out almost every year.

Black people are expected to remain peaceful even when they are met with violence. Even when reminded everyday of how people see them black people maintain their characters for the most part and even excel past those who look down upon even when they are not necessarily given that credit. Taking a step back and truly seeing the perspective a black people in America instead of immediately taking offense is what could solve this divide between black and white people in America.

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