she is one

She is amazing in her own simple way.
She always wear that near perfect curve on her face.
Paired by her smiling big black eyes and…
Reddish cheek bones.
She is unlike of any woman nowadays because…
She is God-fearing.
She is kind-heart.
She is humble.
She is friendly. 
She is just being her.
She is not the bravest one but…
not the feeblest of all.
She is not the gloomiest one but…
not the happiest every sec.

People saw her anywhere smiling.
But they didn’t know that she’s dying inside sometimes.
People might saw her drowning at times.
But they didn’t see her struggle.
People might think that she’s a loser.
But they didn’t know what she had sacrificed just to get an honor.
They didn’t know the real simple HER.
They didn’t know that she’s a lovely flower. 
They didn’t know that she’s a strong flower with curd thorns as her pellet (so better back off and don’t bother her) 
They didn’t know that she’s a rare flower — couldn’t be seen easily. 
They didn’t know that as a flower… she still blooms even in a stonyhearted day.
Dare to be different from others and that’s being “YOU” yourself. 🥀