Steps to ‘Graphic’ Design Thinking


The definition of Design Thinking according to Creativity Artwork, ‘Design Thinking is a methodology used by designers to solve complex problems, and find desirable solutions for clients. A design mindset is not problem-focused, it’s solution focused and action oriented towards creating a preferred future.’

Our professor in our Philosophy of Business course wanted us to talk about the process of Design Thinking, and I thought, ‘hmmmmm, what if I put an art twist on this assignment?’ So, here we are.


When you’re a Graphic Designer (or an aspiring one) you’re expected to create work sbased on the audience you’re trying to reach. So that is how we answer the WHO part of this post. When you look at the Nike logo, you automatically know that Nike is a sports brand because of it’s simplicity and color. Another example similar to this is when you look at the Apple logo the entire world is aware that it is technology based, the iPod, the iPhone, etc.. They were targeting minimalistic millenials (see what I did there) when the updated their logo from the rainbow apple to the simple white logo we all recognize.


When you look at WHAT you look at what aspects of design are going into the design as a whole. Fonts, Spacing, Color, Size, etc.. What do we know about the audiences we’re focusing on, and what do we need to use in order to get their attention? It’s all about keeping up with trends among the different age groups in order to reach all the people you possibly can with your design. You wouldn’t use a sorority advertisement to attract women in their 30’s and 40’s, but you would however advertise an incredible pot and pan company on their Facebook Timeline. So when you create the advertisement it is imperative that the Ad reach out and grab their attention with the fonts, and colors used.


Always. As a Graphic Design, and Marketing Major I can’t stress the importance of constant Design Thought enough! I tend to use Design thought even when I don’t realize I am. I use it when I make decisions about how to load the dishwasher, when I’m working on a project for a class, in my position in the sorority I’m a member of, when I create schedules for the week, etc.. There is a method and a reason for everything; Using Design thinking only enhances the progress you can make day to day.


Whether you’re designing a project for a class, or designing Graphic Media for a company, the way you approach your final draft is all the same. You ask HOW; How do I want to come across to my team? How do I reach the correct audiences for this brand? How do I include the right terminology that will get me that A? You develop a step by step plan for how to execute and you make rough drafts to eliminate ideas that may not be as impressive as others. Being deductive with your designs or thoughts is the best advice I can give anyone who has the desire to be a better Design Thinker.

Wrap Up

Professor Kelly or one of the TA’s has probably gotten this far, and they’re trying to decide whether or not this qualifies as “Design Thinking,” but I’m here to assure you that Graphic Designers play a large role in main stream entrepreneurship than people realize. Without Graphic Designers companies wouldn’t have logos, advertisements, or branding. Maybe this article will convince someone who loves art to persue an Art degree even though everyone thinks “art degrees are useless.” Not in the business world they aren’t.

Summer Bowman