Getting Started Up

There are many ways to write your “About Us” page when it comes to introducing your services/business.

One of the most medieval or traditional way to do so at this time of the century is to write everything from scratch, from your heart. Then there’s the option where you can browse around the World Wide Web for ideas, which is sandwiched between ‘inspiration vs. plagiarism’. The final option would be pure plagiarism, copying and pasting words without giving it a simple touch-up.

If you have smart people looking up your website, they would know what is authentic and what is simply ‘templated words’. If you have people from the same industry, then you will either amaze them or amuse them with the quality of your copywriting. If you have newbies browsing your website, then you can call it a blessing because they wouldn’t know how and whom to compare your copywriting skills with.

All the challenges.

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