Positive or Negative Seeker?

I was just telling my cousin that I am “dreading” a response that’s going to come in via email, or even this chat group where everyone’s being pulled into, involuntarily. Simply because of the way the other person works, or is, as a person.

Here’s what I mean.

If you are the client, and your agency sends you WIP emails or any email for that matter— What is your first instinct? Move? Thought? Do you first look for the positive things the agency has done/written/shared, or do you immediately jump into “error-seeking”, or fault-finding mode?

It’s not that hard to figure out one’s working style. If you nod to more than one in the list below, then you are pretty much a very negative, intense person to work with:

  1. Read and start nit-picking on what isn’t in there; instead of focusing on what’s already there;
  2. Read and feel angst building up within; instead of realizing that it’s just work/business and there is a whole life beyond it;
  3. Read and before even finishing the email (bad habit *wink wink*), you can’t wait to pick up the phone and yell at the person who sent that email, or yell at/complain to someone else.

The best way to be a happy person, not just at work, is to calm the f*ck down whenever an email arrives. Take your time, read it word by word, digest what is there: What has been done, what is on-going, what can or can’t be done, before jumping into conclusions on your own, all while seated alone, in front of your computer, waiting to bark at someone, or something.

If you manage to first seek the positive, your business associates/acquaintances will be able to tell and might make lesser errors because they are “afraid of you” or simply, dislike working with you, hence the half-assed (fine, halfhearted) effort. But if you are the intense, fault-finding kind, they will dread communicating with you, both in person, and via emails.

Then you’re simply just another unpleasant person to work with, let alone be around with… Lunch with… Drink with…

Again, this isn’t about being “grateful” or having a big heart while dealing with idiots. It’s simply about knowing how to manage your mood regardless of the quality of work that’s been sent your way.

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