When you have been searching for a job outside of QA for almost a decade while living out of a car…
Kyle Valenzuela

There are definitely some practical suggestions here, thank you for sharing! Within the past 6 months the universe converged upon me in biblical proportions. Fire, plague, tiny spider assassins, among other deeply personal upheavals I won’t go into. I found a couple of things. 1) When we’re suffering we all tend to do so in silence, even when a hand or ear is offered. We want, possibly even need to utilize those resources, but for various reasons do not. 2) I had to not to do that. It took a lot for me to ask my boss for understanding, patience and even help during this time but he has been so supportive and made it easier for me to focus while I’m here because I know when I need it, I have the space to prioritize my life and take care of myself. It relieved a great burden. I understand not everyone is so fortunate, but if you can do this I absolutely recommend taking that step.

Also take most advice with a grain of salt. Some things will work for some people and others won’t. That is NOT a reflection on your failing somewhere. Having that viewpoint (we can be so hard on ourselves) will be defeating. Your awesome and you’ll figure it out :)