Thought Therapy

I’m here to return to writing. I miss it. I’m out of practice. At one time, I was able to write paragraphs… maybe even pages of content. Sometimes it was funny, helpful and engaging content.

Somewhere along the way I lost my voice and perspective. I lost the drive to create, and lost the confidence that I could produce something worth creating.

For a long time, I’ve struggled with self-doubt, with self-loathing thoughts, and from stifling guilt. I’ve moved from feeling worthless and undeserving, to resentful and indulgent. I’ve lost my faith, values, and purpose.

Recently, and suddenly, I was forced to face what I’ve become. The creative energy was completely stripped of me. A hallow and weak shell of a person replaced what was once a healthy, vibrant and joyful soul.

I’ve been in therapy and working through the issues of my past and the self-sabotaging behaviors of today. As I reflect on my happiest, most productive, and most alive times of life, I realize that daily writing was a key component.

My desire is to find my voice, to once again share thoughtful and inspiring content, and to move from a semi-anonymous profile to openly sharing what I write.

The first post is quite frequently the most awkward. And hopefully not always depressing. Until next time.