You Are One Mind

A great thing to note is that you are one mind.

It is normal for us to feel like we can be in control of our minds. Like we are a subject, a consciousness or spirit or brain, which controls an object, a utility which is the mind and which performs and does things for you, like thinking; and you have specific preferences for how you want this mind to carry out the functioning of you or else at least how you want yourself to think. Often, especially smart people, become compulsive about controlling their minds in order to think how they want to think, all to be in accordance with how they think they are or who they think they are. This, then, is the result of the pretense that we have a separate mind which can then be controlled. But what is the thing, which you presume to be you, that does the controlling? Like what? It doesn't make sense once you speak about it but it has become natural for us because of, first of all, our language. With the English language, which is a subject, predicate, and object language which needs all three components of a sentence to make sense, we split ourselves into a subject and an object with the subject needing to do unto the object or vice versa in order to have a verb like knowing or thinking. Whatever we truly are is the subject, the self which knows better, and our mind is the object which needs to be tamed, according to this logic. Our language dictates how we think because we can only think in terms of words and symbols learnt in this culture, and the structure of logic which the language establishes confines our thought process to a relationship with ourselves which is schizoid, split within. This means that, regardless of who you are and what you do, if you have grown up speaking English and are not aware of this fallacy, you are going to think of the world and most importantly yourself in terms of subject-object. The illusion arises that, “I have a mind and I cannot control it” or “My body does this” or “My brain is weird”. Understand that it's all you. There is no difference between “you” and “your mind/body/brain” or whatever you would like to say it as; you have been one piece the entire time and, besides suggestion from language and society, it is our ability to reflect on ourselves which gives us the impression that we are two, a self and a mind; but we are not, we have been one all along and you have been fooled into feeling that you could control a mind, the whole time you have been just pausing yourself in your tracks when trying to debate it out within.

Let me expand just a little bit on this ability to self-reflect. There is no controller and then a mind to be controlled. We feel this because we as humans can think about thinking and make sure that our thinking is right; there is, if I could put it in any terms at all, especially in English, only one mind and you are that mind. Consider this, if you were to object to your thoughts, and feel that you have a defective or maladaptive brain, that thought and subsequent feeling in itself are automatically coming from you just as automatically as disturbing thoughts might have cropped up. That is to indicate that the you which objects is present anyways and always, and so doesn’t need to be forced through mastery of thinking or silencing the mind. The “good conscience” or the empowered you which does not want to be reduced to the negative thoughts is present always. This implies that the empowered you is the same as the disempowered you, and to unite the “two” and become whole is what sanity is. It is your thinking about the way you perceive/think which gives you the illusion that there is a separate self as distinct from a mind. But it is all one mind thinking thoughts. And that is it. It is key to realize that there is no separate mind to be controlled. If you want to be at one, you come to the acceptance that you are mind and it was only the illusion of controlling a separate mind which gave you issues.



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