The SME Center of Excellence (SMECE)

The SME Center of Excellence (SMECE) is an affiliate of SME Resource Center (SMERC) As a business hub SMERC is currently enjoying an explosive membership growth with more than 2000 members’ country wide and growing steadily. Our core businesses are;

  1. Business Coaching

2. Networking/Business referral programs

3. Marketing tools and platforms e.g. the SME Classified Magazine and online platforms

4. Elaborate technical and entrepreneurship training programs,

5. Membership advocacy

Our goal is to develop successful, confident and qualified entrepreneurs as a means of eradicating poverty, create job opportunities thus stimulating growth not only for Kenya but East Africa and the greater African continent’s economies as a whole. After many years of interacting with diverse entrepreneurs. SMECE was birthed after SMERC established the main frustration most entrepreneurs experience is lack of basic skills. A major drawback in the growth and development of SME sector.

We have trained over 6,000 SME’s in entrepreneurship & business management Skills in the last couple of years. Suffice to say SMERC is a well-seasoned, time tested and proven skills development organization sure to deliver its mandate; powered by our mission “To provide solutions to entrepreneurs enabling them to dream, start and grow successful enterprises”.

It is important to note that SMECE works in conjunction with SME Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (SMEIED); an affiliate of SME Resource Center, Which is in an advanced stage discussion with The Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDI) to provide a Post Graduate Diploma in Management — Business Entrepreneurship (PGDM-BE). This qualification is an EQUIVALENT to an MBA degree of an Indian university, as accorded by the Association of Indian University and Accredited by the National Board of Accreditation (NB). We are also registered with NITA (National Industrial Training Authority) No: NITA/LEVY/RETAL/977

The Center of Excellence is committed to creating an entrepreneurship friendly environment through programs that are geared towards empowering the entrepreneurs. These include but not limited to SMERC Flagship events; SME Expo & Gala, National Youth Economic Summit, I’m an Entrepreneurship Diva among others.

Our policy is client centric. We seek to build a relationship with our clients through membership subscription to the SME Business Club for aspiring, start-up and established entrepreneurs. Look out for more informational articles as we share our journey.


“Empowering Entrepreneurship for Growth and Development”.