Selecting a New Appliance

Oct 28, 2016 · 2 min read

Fridges are created to keep your food cool for a few days and work nicely to keep the milk fresh and other produce. Freezers can be used storing meet and may keep food for many weeks. You will probably see combination, fridge-freezer products the place that the unit features a small freezer compartment towards the top of the fridge. There are also chest freezers, which have a lid in the top face from the product. Chest freezers have a very higher capacity than upright freezers but can donrrrt you have many drawers. Chest freezers are available in short width (600mm), similar wide with a appliance, and full-width, approximately 1.6M wide. Consider lockable lids on chest freezers as possible store a great deal of food inside a chest freezer, that is destined to be worth lots of money. The lid on a wide chest freezer may be quite heavy also so determine if it has a counter-balance mechanism, that make it easier to open.

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A fridge temperature should not be greater than 5 degrees whereas a freezer works around minus 18 to minus 22 degrees. Some fridges and freezers have warning lights and audible alarms if the temperature gets to hot. They likewise have a quick freeze mode to cut back the freezer temperature quickly.

Energy Ratings:
Store you will notice energy efficiency ratings for washing machines. Fridges and freezers machines are rated on the scale from the to G where G may be the least efficient and uses more energy than the A rated products. Most fridge freezers on the market have reached least A rated, that has result in the introduction of your A+ as well as A++ standard.

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Integrated fridge freezers or under-counter fridge freezers are designed to fit within a work surface and they are an identical size with a appliance. The fridges and freezers are generally separate items with approximately 3cu.ft of storage capacity. These come in a range of colours to fit with your other appliances for the kitchen.

Some options you may even see when searching for fridges and freezers include: LED temperature display; door open warning light; Independent fridge and freezer temperature controls; Economical option; fast freeze feature; Dairy and egg trays; Ice cube trays; Can dispenser; Bottle racks and humidity controls to create salad crisper.

Noise performance:
Fridges and freezers are generally fairly quite products and still have just one compressor which would make noise. The noise is measured in dB(A) or decibels.. If you prefer your fridge or freezer to be quieter discover one with lower figures for noise performance. Typical noise performance figures for fridges and freezers are about 42dB.

For many years fridges and freezers were obtainable in white but recently we view some manufacturers making their goods obtainable in other colours including: Black, Silver, Cream and also Pink! Some manufacturers such as SMEG have designer products with flags and also other styles if you want something a little more funky.

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