A curious article by a UX writer from Yandex.Money, Anna Kuchumova about seemingly bizarre, but very serious test tasks they come up to test prospective UX writers on their reaction velocity and ability to think critically, analyze the given facts without distracting themselves on the entourage and question everything, even the task itself.

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This article is translated from Russian and was originally posted on habr.com. I thought it might be a very interesting read for many aspiring or working UX writers.

A long time ago, when I was engaged in web development more than in UX writing (and overall copywriting), once every six months I would always look through job postings to see who employers were looking for and what experience and qualities they wanted to see in potential candidates. I was doing it just to keep up with current requirements and technologies, without any intention to switch jobs. And sometimes I’d even…

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Russian below

I’ve been freelancing for more than a year now. And inspite of the fact that it has been a rollercoaster in some way with its ups and downs (fortunately there were more ups than downs), it’s been a very insightful and productive period of time, in all senses. So here’s my list of things I learned from this experience so far.

To set a work schedule and boundaries. Everyone hates Monday mornings and dreams of starting and finishing work when they want to and not when it’s written in the contract. However, freedom has a downside, and those…

From the talk of Patrick Stafford with the design director of the UX Writing at Uber Roy West on the Writers of the Silicon Valley podcast

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There are many discussions about what’s the right background for the UX writers. The discipline is quite young, so there aren’t that many people with years of experience exactly in this area, and the recruiters might want to expand their search and take a closer look to the writers shifting from other domains, such as content marketing or journalism. …

In the beginning was the Word…

Russian below

Don’t mean to sound pompous or anything, but every time I come across another Facebook post about work for a copywriter/journalist with payment of about $1 per 1800 characters (~one page), my eye twitches. Most of the times, it’s useless to boil over it in the comments because there are always performers lining up for the job. Of course, one may write it off to the fact that part of this crowd is newcomers who are ready to work for any money for the sake of the experience, and then there are…

For me, translation is not about equating a word in one language and a word in another language, and then putting a bunch of words together in a sentence in a new language, exactly as it was given in the original sentence. If everything was so simple, then an automated translation with all its current flaws would replace all translators much faster.

The translator is a fundamental figure, a person who, erects a work (whether it is a small text for a window in an app or a fundamental work by a famous foreign author), reconstructs it nearly from scratch…

Sometimes one of my clients—Contrast Foundry Type Design Studio—assigns me to write concise copy for some type projects of their foreign colleagues. Usually, it’s just a couple of words, or a phrase. The trick is always to find words that would contain certain glyphs, or combinations of glyphs.

One of the latest—a simple phrase that dubs lettering in cyrillic and greek.

Initially, the phrase in the middle, was just put there as a ‘Lorem Ipsum’ and an evidence of what the type designers are expecting from us glyph-wise.

Два медленных года (Two slow years)

The idea in Russian was to…

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