No Idea

So.. What?

Sorry, no sarcasm intended but I have no idea where to start.

I do love writing and if I compelled all the writings that I have done, it could be a one quite-thick novel. Some people said that they love the way I wrote (of course, no fancy words used since my vocabs are not that strong). But, to be honest, my stories are meant to be hidden and they keep suggested me to try to be a writer.

Me : Hahahahaha.. You wish….

I do love reading a lot, from fantasy, detective, biography, and even spirituality — for instance, Joyce Meyer. And, oh, by the way, I love Mitch Albom a lot; the way he wrote his novels, in my opinion, are way too cool. I always cry whenever I read (even re-read) his novels.

Sometimes I do have the desire to write one story but within 2 hours, that desire will vanish into thin air :( .

My friends know me as the Master of the Words. The reason being is.. I am really such an expert in pouring my heart and soul into words. Whatever I feel which I have a hard time to say it out loud (uh, the basic problem of being introvert), I always succeed to put them all into words.

Birthday wishes, farewell messages, love letters,excuses are your world, dear.

Friends said that how jealous they are of me who can put words into beautiful messages (I keep denying that because I just use simple words) that brought them to tears. Uh.. well.. My brain worked it out like *puff* within 30 minutes maximum.

But I can’t make a story out of those beautiful arrangement of sentences. Sadly..

I suppose practice makes perfect, huh.

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