Mushrooms. Toadstools. Dirt Cuties. Sweet Boys. Spore Pals. Cap Friends. Sweaty Buddies. Mulch Men. Trunk Triad. Compost Crew. Poison Patrol.

A mushroom by any other name is uh.. good. They taste like dirt but not too much like dirt. They are savory and are really good in / on anything.

Warning! These boys can be dangerous. Don’t eat if you don’t know its secrets.

Cheap Wine from Traitor Joe’s.

Please do me a favor. Please cook mushrooms whenever possible.

Please buy button mushrooms or a variation of them.

Please buy the cheapest wine you can find.

Please heat oil and butter in a frying pan before adding halved mushrooms.

Please pour the wine over the top, reducing the wine and subsequent ingredients.

Science has shown a direct relation between Mushroom Acceptance and Gross National Cool.

thanks f or takin the time to read my report abt the Byzantine Empire

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