SmelterCoin Core Release 30 November 2018

Coin name : Smelter Coin 
Ticker : SME 
Algorithm: (POW/POS) : X11/POS
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The innovation of Smelter Coin is the development of the algorithm from Blokchain, as a platform that allows users to make transactions easily, comfortably, transparently and safely. The purpose of Smelter Coin is a digital asset that can be used easily to access it and can be used anytime and anywhere. Only how do you manage it.

We will continue to develop Smelter Coin for users, so that Smelter Coin can get closer to users as a digital transaction service. Not only transactions, Smelter Coin can also be used as a Digital Asset that can benefit every user. In the future project Smelter Coin will make efforts to add Digital Assets to have more Digital Assets which will certainly benefit and make Smelter Coin an Asset. The project is already in our Prototype, the Project will produce in the form of Gold and Silver with different Algorithms.
detailed :

Smelter Coin applies an Anonymous account, so no one knows the identity of each Smelter Coin user.

Digital Assets

Each user can use Smelter Coin as Digital Asset, which can benefit users who implement it.


In the Smelter network Coin the speed to make transactions is very fast, it only takes 120 seconds.

Secure Network

The Smelter Coin network is decentralized which means all user data, transaction activities are in a very secure network.


Every user who invests in the Smelter Coin in the Stake and Masternode feature will be given a prize.

Low Fee

The Smelter Coin implements “Peer to Peer”, which means there is no third party so that the transaction is almost free. but we set for network tx fee as low 0,001 SME