Build a REST API Fastest and Easiest Way

Mert Öksüz
Aug 20, 2017 · 1 min read
$bundles = array(
// ...
new FOS\RestBundle\FOSRestBundle(),
new JMS\SerializerBundle\JMSSerializerBundle($this),
new Symfony\Cmf\Bundle\RoutingBundle\CmfRoutingBundle(),
new Nedra\RestBundle\NedraRestBundle(),
// ...
Class Book {
private $id;
private $name;
private $author;
model: AppBundle\Entity\Book
bin/console debug:router
app_book_index             GET         ANY      ANY    /books/                            
app_book_create POST ANY ANY /books/new
app_book_update PUT|PATCH ANY ANY /books/{id}
app_book_show GET ANY ANY /books/{id}
app_book_delete DELETE ANY ANY /books/{id}

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