The Future Is Bright

As time goes on I am forever growing older against my will. Us as kids and teenagers always want to be older than we actually are. We are never satisfied with our age. Always wanting to be something bigger or greater. But the fact is that we are ALL getting older by the

year…month…day…hour… even second

Most of us don’t stop and think about how grateful we should be. There are some people who think the complete opposite. I personally dread getting older because teenage years are the years you can make mistakes and learn from them. Life is like the levels to a game, if you make a mistake on level one it’s no big deal to start over again, but if you make a mistake on a later level, it’s a bigger deal to start all over again. But the fact of the matter is that our generation has this obsession with the future. Always finding ways to improve it, change it, hide from it, constantly thinking about it.

Some people dread the future because they fear what it holds. The future is a black hole, you have no idea where it will lead you. I think that our world today lives on fast forward, everything moves so fast and things happen so fast. In my experience, as soon as I stepped foot in High School everything’s been about college and what classes to take, What classes are colleges looking for, and getting college credit in High School. I personally think that we all need to hit the s l o w m o t i o n button on our lives and live in the moment, and put your trust in faith that your future will be bright. Yes, it’s important to think about the future and plan ahead, but when we get too caught up in the future, we forget that we have a life to live now. So, I think we need to all press the pause button on our lives and be grateful for what we have instead of always craving something more superior.

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