Quiet communication

I smiled. She looked at me, at first a bit suspicious and then a bit confused. I just kept smiling. And then, slowly, her eyes started to brighten up and her mouth opened to show her missing teeth:

and the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen.

Languages and words aren’t the tool for communication. They might be a quick and fast tool when you’re working, getting your duties done, talking to colleagues and bosses, talking to friends and acquaintaces, have a smalltalk or something else. In this case, when it comes to effectiveness and fastness, words and languages are an useful tool for communication.

But to get to know someone properly, to see into their heart and their soul - words are just useless.

Don’t you ever had a moment when someone looked at you and without saying anything, just the look into your eyes, you understood what the person was feeling, you understood what the person actually wanted to say, but did not. The eyes told you all already.

I will stop now. Cause this post cannot go further with words.

So to keep you on with the idea, just imagine a moment when you got to know someone the best just through her smile, her bright eyes and her inner energy - even though this person might be still a stranger to you - remember the connectedness you felt at that moment, when you both just looked into each other eyes and understood it all.

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