Live Video: It’s Not About The Content
Matt Hackett

Great to hear your POV Matt Hackett. I agree with Kyle LaFontaine — livestreaming offers a potential that traditional television doesn’t. Media theorist Marshall Mcluhan’s quote rings true related to livestreaming, “The medium is the message.” Livestreaming is a DIFFERENT medium from traditional broadcast television. I stopped watching broadcast news about 10 years ago. I love livestreaming because it offers a window into the mundane. Our world is already SO oversaturated with heavily produced content (included Casey Neistat’s vLog). Livestreaming offers authenticity.

There is 3rd party software available for Facebook Live to use desktop webcams and add graphics. is already becoming the CNET for millenials. The ability to broadcast via drones and gopros makes things exciting on Periscope.

I think it’s fine to expect livestreaming to be a raw, real experience. I tried Beme. It bored me more than most livestreams- I didn’t see the point. Livestreaming is often boring, quirky, and raw content that makes us practice patience but we keep watching because the creator reflects back our own human experience. Visionary creators won’t need a chyron or to act like some pretentious TV host.

I’d love to have some ‘broadcast-like’ tools available, but I’m more interested in livestreaming tools offering something entirely different from mainstream media.

Millions of people have access to a blank piece of paper and a palette of paint- only a few will do something meaningful with it. I think, if anything, the companies offering livestreaming are aware their push for meaningful content can’t be contrived. Ultimately, the cult of personality will prevail on livestreaming like it has prevailed on every other media outlet in the past century. Creators who have something to say and who can add value will have no trouble garnering fans without the need for a chyron.

The need for discovery tools on livestream products is urgent and this needs to be solved. One simple way to clear out the clutter is to allow audiences to vote a livestream thumbs up or down for more exposure. Hmmm, Facebook and YouTube- are you listening?