Remember the first few months?

The first few months of shy kisses, hesitant glances, and sweaty hand holding? Awkward hugs, meeting family for the first time, and long late night phone calls and text conversations?

That knot in my stomach. I would get this unbelievable knot in my stomach — butterflies would attempt to undo it but to no avail. I always felt anxious to see you, but calm as soon as I was with you. Even though you are an energy of wild fires and explosives, you have always managed to keep me at my calmest.

You have also had the power to push me over the edge — ripped me to my last and (seemingly) final string of patience.

Yet I am still here. For you. For us.

Now it is loving caresses, tight grips, sweet kisses. Warm embraces, expected calls, knowing looks, and inside jokes. The sparkle in our eyes, the passion in our hearts, and the devotion to keep this going.