ding ding diddiding bing ding. bing ding bing. I faintly hear the neighbor’s wind chimes while the refrigerator, along with its interior of clanking Topo Chico bottles, join the air conditioner in adhering to the momentary moratorium on background noise.


I’ve been up way past my bedtime — for over an hour now — and I feel calm. This was not the case only an hour ago. I kept feeling like I was angry but trying to ignore it. Being angry is a waste of my time. Yet, here I am at 2am.

I replay it over and over, and become angrier and angrier until I choose not to be angry any longer. I turn back on the program to find out why. My soul sets in downward facing dog as a warmup for the sun salutation. I float away to rewind the day and locate my missing source.


Moments carry more than we can grasp. Sometimes things get lost but their retrieval is as simple as the loss, you just have to know in which moment to look.