During my translation process of the Beginning of Infinity — due to the Covid-19 lockdowns and (awkwardly too) nothing much to do — I found out what the author David Deutsch was in my mind too busy to process at all biologically. Here is my interpretation and explanation.

Deutsch explains that the universality of DNA Replication is not well understood.

According to mainstream knowledge, the Wikipedia tells that DNA replication belongs in all living organisms acting as the most essential part for biological inheritance.

According to modern Darwin i.e. Richard Dawkins all evolution promotes the interest of the best replicating genes. This becomes the famous concept of selfish genes.

Deutsch concocts long story in his 1997 masterpiece that the replicator is an evolutionary unit that causes it environment to replicate itself. All life in biosphere is founded on replicators which are molecules such as DNA.

The exploit of Deutsch was to relate the scholars of four strand in his book The Fabric (we may express here in Scandinavia “the Factory”) of Reality: Popper, Everett, Dawkins and Turing.

Hydrogen and Schrödingers equation

As Elon Musk proclaimed on Twitter; The Universe is a hydrogen Sonata. It tells that hydrogen is the most abundant chemical substance in the universe. The word sonata derives from Italic (and from Latin word Sonare) meaning literally ”sounded”, ”to sound”. Sounds and music are vibrations of matter in an infitity set of universes called the multiversum.

Because hydrogen is the only neutral atom for which the Schrödinger equation can be solved analytically, the study of its energetics and chemical bonding has played a key role in the development of quantum mechanics. Quantum mechanics is the most accurate and precise theory regarding to reality so far.

The etymology of the word molecule tells that it means extremely minute particle, originally from 1794 and first used in modern Latin in scientific sense meaning “smallest part into which a substance can be divided without destroying its chemical character”, by Amedeo Avogadro in 1811.

DNA variations of blue eyes

In biology, variations or mutations are stochastic or random, blind and purposeless. When a cosmic ray whose originated from a distant stars and galaxies hits DNA molecule it will lead to the mutation - or - the genetic variation in DNA.

Cosmic ”ray” is high energetic fundamental particle but in common scientific usage, a high-energy particles with intrinsic mass are known as ”cosmic” rays.

It appears that a genetic mutation in a single individual in Europe about 6000 to 10 000 years ago led to the unitary development of blue eyes in the gene pool of mankind according to researches at the University of Copenhagen.

The black pupils within the iris i.e. “blue eyes” are in fact not black at all — but because of the absorptions of photons they only appears to be — they are identical with the color of the eyes such as blue. The word photon derives from ancient Greek and it reveals to designated as ”light”. When a photon hits with a matter it will be entangled.

It is a kind of rule of thumb that when we humans (no idea regarding the cats and dogs) fall in love with somebody, our pupils expand instantly and that is an evolutionary sign for electrochemical processes within the crushed minds, an unusual dilation called mydriasis when the pupils do dilate “almost as fast as lightning”.

”Like an ink stain on a tablecloth” explains Deutsch for his part of an example of an explanation of the quantum mechanical phenomenon that gave the hint. So I personally perceived with my own eyes the expansion of pupils instantly that conduct me to write these conclusions by occurrence but that short brain chemical narrative is a subject of prose.

So I shall only argue that this discovery is an apparent universal manifesto of of the DNA replication where the cells duplicate its region of a chromosomes. The structure of DNA was described already in 1953. The science knows that there exist statements in genes how to effect the structure of cells and functionality for quantum biologists.

Quantum Entanglement

Wikipedia informs that entanglement is a correlation between two or more different parts of the same system according to all interpretations of quantum mechanics. The word consist of words entangled plus mental, whose origin of combination are about from the days of Glorious revolution and Newton;´act of entangling´.

Quantum Entanglement also holds DNA together according to Elisabeth Rieper, a physicist from Singapore.

The entanglement is a quantum process in which a single Schrödinger´s wave function — a vector in Hilbert space — an essential part of modern physics, an equation which the scientist was Nobelized in 1933 describes two separate objects.

The entanglement lies also behind the mystery of time they say. Physicists Don Page and William Wootters argued in 1983 that time is an entanglement phenomenon. Entanglement has many applications in quantum information theory. With the aid of entanglement, otherwise impossible tasks may be achieved.

According to Wikipedia The Reeh-Schlieder theorem of quantum field theory is sometimes seems as an analogy of quantum entanglement. The space constitutes of quantum fieds. Quantum evolution is governed by equations of motions that are time-symmetric (such as Schrödinger equation in the non-relativistic approximation, but Schrödinger equation is apparent only by the Everett’s interpretation).

Phycisist plus the very first quantum biologists Erwin Schrödinger was the one to fabricate an idea that the genetic information was coded into the molecules in his book ”What is Life?” (1944). But he had absolutely no idea with Einstein during their correspondence that genes are computer programs before the era of Alan Turing, or to be more on time Turing-Deutsch and their universal proofs regarding the classical and a quantum computers naturally. Universality signify the quality of being universal, existing everywhere according to etymology.

Nowadays is considered that the genes are essentially computer programs, represented by symbols A, C, G and T standard language, as genetic code. Within each cell specific structures operates these gene programs as executing computers. Those are some of the reasons why Deutsch argues that we humans are computer programs. There exits statements in genes of entity when to eat, drink, fight, mate, escape etc.

Todays the best knowledge so may be that DNA information are quantum objects — so fractional — which means that they can exist in a superposition of states and become entangled, just like all other minuscule quantum objects.

When entantlement happens, these objects effectively share the same existence, no matter how far apart they might be, that is so called ”spooky action at a distance” described by Einstein because it violates the speed limit of theory of relativity when information have been transmissioned implicitly.

According to Chiara Marletto information — such an abstract entity — does not have a specific embodiment (but it can be embodied by many diverse physical systems) and something like DNA can hold information only if its state could have been otherwise, a different value for examples on or off.

So any system containing information must have two properties according to Marletto and these possibilities are counterfactuals, they are possible to count plus encounter as real both. The question arises to me what is the interference between the counterfactuals?

In biosphere the information are encoded in DNA molecules and government by the laws of quantum mechanics or quantum physics they may express.

Life in biosphere is real fine tuning subject — with optimal temperature plus PH i.e. the Potential of Hydrogen within huge range — dedicated by Deutsch in whole chapter of his opus The Beginning of Infinity.

From absolute zero without movement of molecules at all, so called the Bose-Einstein condensate to the heart of sun or heat even further — there exist a huge sphere of temperatures which will be a new laboratory of physics according to Marletto. Or how about the vagueness of light and interference, the colors and shades, the manifold of the colors by Rienmann.

The concept of the interference was introduced by the quantum optics Thomas Young in 1801–1802 when he created the wave theory of light. Interference is the situation where intervention from noise in the environment damages the quantum object in terms of modern computing science. Interference is the most important quantum phenomenon according to Deutsch.

By the way, an interference matters also in field of psychology.

Physisist Louis de Broglie creteated hyphothesis in 1924 that is an an example of wave-particle duality and also used in Schrödinger´s equation. It dictates that light is an electro magnetic radiation.

Moreover, Deutsch was the first phycisist adopting the term “fungible” to describe the physical nature of quantum particles and universes within the quantum multiverse, where by virtue of being identical in all respects, different particles chaotically divide or combine as a result of physical interactions from common fungible fund in superposition.

Another fellow is the mathematician Ian Steward who argues that fungibility applies to quantum biology as well. The example emerges from subatomic particle theory, where the fungible act as studying molecules “conducts to the same general feature of a replicable molecule”.

But according to Marletto, an Italian from Oxford, all laws of motion are not know yet. So Chiara Marletto aims to instantiate nature without equations of motion which derives me to imagine superposition of DNA: no flow of time, only our perspective transmutes in the infinity set of instants according to Schrödinger´s equation: during his lecture in Dublin 1952 he insisted that “those are not alternatives, but they all happen simultaneously”. It is important to notice the difference between the words moment and instant: a moment has a duration, but an instant does not according to etymology.

A bit like a fuzzy cloud of electrons described by Stephen Hawkins.


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Poet, Currently Translating David Deusch´s The Beginning of Infinity etc.

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Asko Gabriel Tuurna

Poet, Currently Translating David Deusch´s The Beginning of Infinity etc.

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