Reflections from my past…
If I have my life to live all over again’

These days I take a stare into the mirror and regret the me I used to be.

¶ I was that serious student

So studious everyone called me a nerd

John Harris Library was my only friend and aside it nothing else mattered

Except for the ‘Distinction’ I so desperately needed. God knows I was ready to sacrifice my left arm for it

I never made any friend

I never sacrificed for anybody

The Creator was never on my agenda

It was me, myself and my books

… If I have my life to live all over again

I was busy amassing all the A’s

While fellow coursemates were failing and probating

It was never my concern

Life was supposed to be that way I thought

Afterall it is a world of unequal opportunities

Let them read well enough, they will get the good grades too

I didn’t know I was not acting with my head straight

I have made many a mistake in life that makes me wish I could live my life all over again

Sometimes I wish I could put a rush to my own apocalypse so I won’t have to live with this regret I call life. It hurts

Every other aspect of life I paid little attention to

My focus was sole. Just on the goal of making a Distinction.

If I have my life to live all over again

Final Results came out

Praise God, I made it at last

Dream come true

And truly it is worth shouting Halleluyah

But what about my folks spilling and those probating?

What about those I could have helped graduate too?

What about those that gave up because I withdrew myself from encouraging them?

Tunde joined the cult guys because I called him a dickhead

What about those that made the wrong choices because I wouldn’t offer any advice?

What about those that looked up to me and I promised to help them but my promise was a cliche?

What about…? I can no longer hold this tears from coming out

I have made many a mistake in life

That makes me wish I could do a factory setting on my life

And reset everything back to default mode

I wish I have my life to live all over again…

I would act better with a second chance.