Anime Has The Best Story

First off, if you don’t know what anime is or you’ve never even watched one, I feel sorry for you. I grew up on anime, Dragon Ball Z being the main one. Anime has been solidifying what parents say to their kids about, “You can be whatever you want to be.” It has impacted my life in a major way. I can’t tell you how many times I have cried while watching these shows; the answer is way too many.

When it comes to anime the biggest part of it is the story, of course. There are quite a few anime’s that last for 200 or more episodes. Not very many cartoons have that luxury and I am pretty sure that has to do with story. Typically, the anime that last this long have a TON of story to tell. Along with the story the main characters pretty much always have a dream they want to accomplish. The bigger and more difficult the dream is the longer the show will last. I’ll list a few of my favorite anime and tell you why I love them so much and why they last so long and the reason why they are so successful.

Dragon Ball Z Franchise

The Dragon Ball Z franchise is one of the very few anime’s that have stood the test of time, along with Pokemon and Sailor Moon. This is my number one anime of all time simply because I grew up watching it. It’s primarily about a superior warrior alien race that got obliterated with very few survivors. Oh yeah, did I mention that they transform into GIANT FREAKING MONKEYS under the light of a full moon? No? Well they do and the only way to stop them is to cut off their tails.

So the story is pretty much about one of these baby-alien-monkey-human-look-a-like getting shot to earth in a space pod where he was raised by an old man. The main character is named Son Goku and his race is Saiyan. The Saiyan race was primarily controlled to be evil and conquer planets but since Son Goku was raised on earth he knows nothing of his race and where he came from until he is older. What really got people’s attention was whenever Goku would face off against someone who was much stronger than him and would somehow always wind up on top. Another thing that comes with being a Saiyan is that with every fight they become stronger and the closer to death they were after healing they come back a hell of a lot stronger. Another thing is when the Super Saiyan transformation comes into play. The angrier and stronger a Saiyan warrior gets they are able to transform. There are many levels to this too.

The dream of Son Goku is very simple, he just wants to keep getting stronger. That’s as simple as it can get right there. It’s quite surprising that this anime is one of, if not the most popular anime that has ever been made with over 500 episodes within its franchise.


This is another anime that has become quite popular over the years with 366 episodes. This anime follows Ichigo Kurosaki, a teenager that is able to see ghosts. This allows him to meet a Soul Reaper named Rukia. Soul Reapers are soldiers who take souls from the World of the Living to the Soul Society. He soon becomes a Substitute Soul Reaper and fights for both the World of the Living and the Soul Society. They also fight lost souls that have become monstrous.

Later in the series, Ichigo is able to transform and tap into the abilities of the Hollows to further his power but sometimes it doesn’t work out how he plans and his anger gets the best of him which then causes the powers of the Hollows to take control and he goes on a rampage.

Tapped Hollow Power
Hollow Power Overtaken

This anime is really big because it talks about souls after they pass. It talks about the Afterlife and the inner demons we all struggle with. Plus a big thing for me is the art style and how beautiful and vibrant the colors are. Bleach is truly a magnificent piece of artwork.

One Piece

Finally it comes down to my all time favorite anime with over 700 episodes and still adding more, One Piece. This is an anime that is about pirates, but not the kind of pirates we have come to know in our History books. These pirates typically have special powers/abilities that they have acquired from eaten curtain types of fruit called “Devil Fruit.” The story follows A young kid named Luffy and his crew on the quest to find the One Piece and become the new King of the Pirates.

This anime is my all time favorite because I have cried the most while watching it. From when the crew rescued Nico Robin from the World Government after she gave up on living to when Luffy risked his life went to the Navy Headquarters to save his brother only for his brother to die in Luffy’s arms after saving him. What also makes this anime so great and ever expanding is that each character in Luffy’s crew has a specific dream they wish to reach. Below are names and their dreams.

Gum Gum Luffy: King of the Pirates
Roronoa Zoro: Greatest Swordsman
Tony Tony Chopper: Greatest Doctor
Sanji: Greatest Chef Alive
Nico Robin: To Live for her Friends
Nami: First to Draw a Map of the Wold
Cyborg Franky: Be the Best Shipwright that has ever Lived
God Usopp: The Worlds Best Sniper
Humming Brook: Return to his friend in the East Blue

Each of these characters have their own drive that it builds onto the story so much. It’s as though you are truly attaching yourself to them and you want them to win no matter what it takes. What also makes the story go on for such a long time is the massive number of characters throughout the entire anime. I can definitely see this anime going past 1000 episodes easily.

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