YouTube Stars Truly Care

YouTube is a huge media source where tons of people all over the world both upload and watch videos daily. The big thing is whether the people who upload and get famous truly care about their viewers. Markiplier is one of my top picks for YouTube stars.

Okay, so, I never watched that much of YouTube in my life. This last year was when I started to watch it on the daily. I was truly introduced to YouTube by my good friend Sarah Peck. We started watching scary game reactions by a bunch of YouTubers. In that bunch was Markiplier (The King of FNAF). They were so interesting and funny to me that I decided to subscribe and watch them every day.

A big thing that I have noticed is that when a YouTuber gets big they get questioned a lot about if they are just “in it for the money” or if they even care about their fans. I’m not going to sugarcoat it; there are YouTubers that are like that, but there are also ones that truly and deeply care about their fans. Markiplier has 13 million+. He is the best YouTuber I have noticed when it comes to showing the fans that he cares about them and their comments and he has proved just that in many of his videos. The video located below is an example of how much he cares. The video he reacted to is right below that. Every time I watch these videos I can’t help but tear up or cry.

Markiplier is such an inspiration to me when it comes to not caring what people say and just being yourself. He makes YouTube videos to make both himself and other people happy. He loves meeting fans whenever he goes to conventions. Fans from all over would definitely agree that he has the biggest heart out of all the YouTubers.

Markiplier has also been a part in a number of charities such as Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance where he raised $75,000 dollars playing Super Mario World. He has even put his own money towards charity by doing a “try not to curse challenge” while playing Mario Maker. He doesn’t mind giving money to a good cause and he can be funny while doing so. *Warning* There is quite a bit of cursing, just to let you know.

Like I said before, Markiplier is my biggest inspiration when it comes to being yourself and not caring what people think. I suffer from depression and whenever I am feeling down in the dumps I just watch his videos and my spirits are immediately lifted. I used to take medication for it, but I guess all I need now is WiFi so I can watch Markiplier videos. HA! He has the biggest heart I have seen and he shows it in SEVERAL of his videos. He loves meeting fans and making people laugh. He has gone through many tough things in his life, a bunch of surgeries before and during his YouTube career, and it amazes me how much he can endure and how much he truly cares for not only his friends and fans but people he hasn’t even met. I will never stop watching his videos until he stops making them, and even then I might not.

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