The News-Review’s year online: 2015

Here’s how 2015 went on








pages per visit (on average)

1 minute 42 seconds

average length of a site visit


percent of people who read one article and clicked off the site


percent of readers who visited the site for the first time


Facebook posts




email newsletters sent to subscribers

How did we do vs. 2014?

Here are those numbers in comparison with last year:

(from Google Analytics):


Sessions = visits

Users = visitors

Pages / Session = How many stories someone looked at while on the site

Bounce Rate = How many people read one article and then left the website)

We had a phenomenal year.

The best we’ve ever had, by a lot. We more than doubled the number of site visitors over last year. Here’s why:


Facebook was our biggest referrer this year, specifically the mobile app:

Combine those three (m.facebook, facebook, and, and you have 562,412 views — 21% of our total views. That’s more than double last year’s numbers. On the mobile app, it’s up 273.50%.

Here’s why: We’ve been posting more and better. We’ve been using Facebook for breaking news, for keeping people updated on important issues, and as a forum for local readers to talk about local and national issues. The police logs have been really popular on Facebook, as well as some of the weirder crime headlines.

Content in front of the paywall.

That sort of goes without saying. We lifted the paywall in August and effectively kept it open the rest of the year, and it’s made a difference. People come to our site now expecting free content — not some free content and some not-free content.

A national news event.

We really can’t discount how much the UCC shooting did for our site numbers. We got almost a million pageviews in two weeks.

The newsletter.

We launched a really successful newsletter last fall. Here are its stats:

If that type is too small — 61,160 people opened our newsletter, and a little more than half of those clicked through to the site, giving us 32,421 clicks.

Good luck in 2016!

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