The one thing common between travelling and reading

We all have different passions and hobbies.

That’s what keeps the spirit inside us alive in a way.

The joy of doing something just because it makes you happy.

It is the purest form of content that you can experience.

While there are a world full of unique hobbies,

two of them, which on the outside look completely different

actually connect with each other at their core.

Reading and travelling.

Reading, where you sit in a place, open a book and take in one word after the other.

Travelling, where you pack in a few day’s essentials and go out into the unknown.

So, what’s the one thing that is similar?

They both take us on a JOURNEY.

As we read another word ahead.

As we take another step forward.

We take on journey that opens our mind.

In books we meet characters.

On travels we meet people.

Few of them become close to our heart.

All of them leave a mark on our mind.

In books, we catch a breathe when a chapter ends.

On travels, we catch a breathe at pit stops.

And in both, every time you catch a breathe,

you admire how far you have come.

In books, you sometimes have a ‘I have heard this somewhere’ moment.

On travels, you sometimes have a ‘I have seen something similar’ moment.

Once in awhile we stop in the middle and go ‘Wow!’

Reading stimulates your imaginations.

Travelling tickles your fascinations.

While reading, you can get so engrossed that you forget eating.

While travelling, you chew in little with anticipation.

With both, you see a whole new world.

A world you were eager to see, experience.

A world you might love to live in forever.

But, that’s the problem and the difference.

You can always read a book again and again.

You can visit a place again and again.

But you can’t really make it a home.

All you can do is remember the journey.

Make lessons out of it.

Remember them forever.

And then pick another book.

Plan another destination.

Create more memories.

On paper, on foot.

So, even though they are poles apart.

They are both very much enlightening and enchanting.

Do both as much as possible.

Turn another page, take another step.

They’ll add in your life depth.