Greetings From Paradise

(part 1)

Dear SmilaZ,

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šŸŒˆ Youhuu over there! Greetings from PARADISE ~ the ā€œother worldā€. Finally I can write you! But I didnā€™t miss the Internet at all. Just feels like freedom and reconnection with life itself. Much like the first couple of years I lived on the old Ibiza island, where I later on eventually realized what it is to be connected with nature, what I had heard about, but though it was boring and something rather more out of a willing-imagination thing, more than a real sense of connection with life itself,Ā so to say. Well yeah OK, so I was wrong about that. Haha..

Now we have Internet in the libraries. But we will have something similar to smartphones, which are being made now, but are only intended to be for making calls, video-calls, photos and videos. It will also have maps, but we donā€™t want navigationĀ andĀ suchĀ stupidifyingĀ conveniences. We all agreed thatĀ suchĀ conveniencesĀ preventĀ theĀ automaticĀ orĀ naturalĀ waysĀ ofĀ getting enough brain exerciseĀ in daily life (for which ā€œtheĀ oldĀ worldĀ goneĀ madā€ ended up needing brain-exercise apps, to counterbalance all the conveniences, but whileĀ peopleĀ hardlyĀ evenĀ haveĀ the timeĀ to use those apps). And none of us want the tracking anyway, so already there navigation is clearly out the windowĀ asĀ well. But we do have a search system as rich so-to-say as Google, but without any abuse of people and their privacy.

You would love it here!

We donā€™t really have authority or government as the old world gone mad. We have leaders, who make others and partly everyone end up leading at some point or another. Turns out that there is some type of leader in pretty much everyone. AndĀ everyoneĀ hereĀ understands,Ā thatĀ leaders donā€™tĀ create andĀ neither do they support hirachy. We hold meetings, both big ones and smaller ones in groups. And thereā€™s much more to thatĀ of course, including some technology. But we donā€™t have and will not have, any systems for data collecting or monitoring of people. But we do have statistics and such useful things. Iā€™m just learning how to use these things now, and itā€™s actually incredible what you can achieve, using such things as statistics.

Thereā€™s no working for paying necessities like your home and food andĀ soĀ on. We work for the whole, so it feels totally different and even fun. Remember how we used to feel so lucky in our globetrotting freedom-job, because it allowed us to decide when and where we work, and most of all the joy of being able to work with a best friend. Well this is totally normal here. And it turns out, that like this, nobody gets idiotically lazy nor depressed from any lack of a sense of meaning.

Plus we have this school/therapy types of something like classes, lessons or courses, where we study things like kindness, empathy, understanding etc., and gradually get rid of bad patterns and so on, from the old bad world and its poisons of the ruling tyranny (as above so bellow). Itā€™s a really profound experience to see what people get to surface, of old patterns and such, To see the transformation in othersĀ isĀ incredible, andĀ it brings me moreĀ objectiveĀ onĀ suchĀ thingsĀ inĀ general. But theseĀ lessons, also include the relevance of pain and suffering, to how those things help us grow our empathy, while there is clearly no need for abuse of any kind to experience pain and suffering in life.

Whatā€™s really amazing to me these days right now, is how we all get the best of things, in the best of quality, including when it comes to homes. We can choose every detail about it, including the surroundings such as land or whatever people preffer. And part of the jobs we have are also dedicated to this.

I had an old house rebuilt, and I felt like a millionaire the whole time, with people working for building and restoring my property. But before all that, before we get our own home, we have to participate in a property-responsibility type of thing like lessons for many weeks, to understand what it takes to lovingly take care of what you own. It was done very wisely, so that we really got a very real feeling of what relationships youā€™re taking into your life, with for example the land you wanted, or the big house you wanted,Ā whichĀ haveĀ toĀ beĀ caredĀ forĀ andĀ keptĀ well, which you have to be able to do every day, without it becoming a sour thing etc, and so on and on.

So I chose to build a community, where people who are into working the things that need to be worked, can come live here. Iā€™m just at the beginning of this now, looking for the right people, while Iā€™m finishing the interior of the house. Turns out that Iā€™m a leader as well ā€¦from all my personal growth of being a globetrotter, and generally all my experience and how it has changed and advanced me.Ā ā€¦if that makes sense.

I miss you, and want you to move over here,Ā letā€™s talk aboutĀ that,Ā andĀ planĀ yourĀ holidayĀ overĀ here. Love you, and wanna know everything of you and your days and feelings about everything over there where you are!!!! ASAP, so please hurry, donā€™t keep me waiting.

Yours, sisā£ļø

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